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If you want to upgrade or remodel your home, don’t take on the whole project by yourself, especially if your home needs some restorations. JP’s Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC, performs home restoration and remodeling in the Orlando, FL, area. When we’re done with your house, it will be your dream home.

With 30 years of industry experience, JP’s Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC, can remodel your kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, as well as add renovations like patios. We also provide remodeling services to businesses, so whether you’re a homeowner needing home restoration or a business owner wanting to improve your business space, give us a call.

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Your home belongs to you, which means you should be involved in every step of the home restoration or renovation process. At JP’s Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC, we believe in providing a client experience that includes you in everything from planning to execution. Our seamless communication will keep you appraised of all developments.

When you contact us for home restoration or renovation, we discuss your needs and wants with you before coming up with a plan. The result is a product you love and a lasting relationship you can rely on.

Trust our quality budgeting, organization, and staffing. We make sure you’re getting efficient work from qualified individuals at a price you can afford.

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At JP’s Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC, we are dedicated to making sure your home is exactly as you want it when we finish. After all, it’s your space, and we want to make your home look its best. Once you experience our quality work, you’ll be ready to call us again for any future renovation projects.

For everything from home restorations to room remodels to hurricane-proof container homes, choose JP’s Remodeling and Home Repair, LLC. Call us today at (319) 640-1400 or scroll to the bottom of the page to get a quote. 


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